Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Sweets do you offer?

Sweet by Simóne is a cake boutique specializing in all things cake.  As a purveyor of premium cake products, our assortment includes layer cakes (with option to to add cheesecake to any dessert cake), deluxe and mini cupcakes, as well as delightful cakesicle pops in a variety of shapes.   In addition, be sure to review our Sweet Concierge Services for additional customized cake options.

What is a Sweet Concierge?

Think of this service as an event planner but instead we solely focus on the desserts. Leave the extra work of contacting multiple vendors for various desserts and sweet treats to us. Sweet by Simóne will curate the perfect customized dessert table for your guests. We contact the vendors as well as provide rentals for dessert displays.  See our packages for pricing information. 

How can I place an order?

Contact us by email at or submit an inquiry. Please do not send us a DM on any of our social media sites, as those notifications do not always show and we do not want to miss your messages. While we strive to return calls/emails promptly, please allow up to 48 hours for a response.


Do you deliver?

Yes, Sweet by Simóne offers delivery within the Louisville, KY metro area. Deliveries outside of the area can be arranged upon request.  Delivery costing structure available upon request.

How much are your wedding cakes?


We work with our customers to make a bespoke design to fit your dream wedding. Sweet by Simóne offers custom designed cakes with customized pricing.

How much are your custom celebration cakes?

Our goal is to ensure a beautifully bespoke designed cake for your event. Sweet by Simóne offers custom designed cakes with customized pricing.

Do you offer cake tasting/consultations?

Yes. Book a consultation for more information.


When should I order my wedding cake?

 This is your big day.  To ensure that every aspect of your dessert experience meets your expectations, we recommend that you place your order at least six months in advance; however, a minimum of four weeks is required.  Orders placed within four weeks of wedding date will require a non-refundable payment in full at time of booking.  Additional restrictions apply for four week orders to be reviewed at time of booking.

Do you make “dummy” or “fake” cakes?

Many wedding planning sites and bridal magazines offer tips on how to save money on your wedding. We understand. Weddings can be expensive. Unfortunately, there is a misnomer that decorated styrofoam cakes are less expensive to produce than real cakes.  Wedding cake cost is driven primarily by labor/time expended to create the cake you envision.  Non-edible materials are more difficult to work with and in many cases can be more expensive than an actual cake.  We are mindful of budgetary constraints, so we recommend choosing a simpler cake design rather than a non-edible option.  Please note that we do offer an installment payment option for all orders placed more than four weeks in advance. 

May we get extra servings from another bakery or grocery store?

We pride ourselves in providing great tasting cake.  When you book with Sweet by Simóne, we become your exclusive purveyor for all components of the dessert experience.  As a result, extra servings from other vendors are not allowed.  Our goal is to provide delectably consistent quality and flavor for your dessert table by using premium ingredients.  This goal is optimized when Sweet by Simóne is the exclusive purveyor. 

I have a photo of a cake I want; can you copy it?

You are welcome and encouraged to provide photos for inspiration.  From your inspiration material, we can design something similar; however, we will not recreate the work of other dessert designers.  Sweet by Simóne creates bespoke designs and respects the copyright ownership of others.  In turn, we expect other designers to respect our ownership of our designs as well.